Uses of Passion Fruits around the world…

There are actually several varieties of passion fruits that may also differ in colors, and sometimes taste. But they all share the same nutritional values and definitely are beneficial for our body.

I would like to show here how, as researched,  passion fruits are being used in other countries, and in some, have different names too.

  • In Peru, passion fruit is used in several desserts, especially cheesecakes. Passion fruit juice is also drunk fresh and is used in ceviche variations and in cocktails, including the Maracuyá Sour, a variation of the better known Pisco Sour.
  • In Puerto Rico, where the fruit is known as “parcha“, it is used in juices, ice cream or pastries.
  • In South Africa, passion fruit, known locally as Granadilla (the yellow variety as Guavadilla), is used to flavour yogurt. It is also used to flavour sodas such as Schweppes’ “Sparkling Granadilla” and various cordial drinks. It is often eaten raw or used as a topping for cakes and tarts.
  • In Thailand, passion fruit is called “saowarot“. The fruit is eaten whole and is also commonly juiced and drunk. 
  • In the United States, Portugal and Paraguay, it is often used as an ingredient in alcoholic beverages and juice mixes.
  • In Costa Rica, it is known as “Estococa”. The fruit grows in the wild and it is commonly used for juice.
  • In Brazil, the term maracujá applies to passion fruit. Passion fruit mousse is a common dessert, and passion fruit pulp is routinely used to decorate the tops of cakes. Passion fruit juice, ice pops and more recently soft drinks have also become very popular.
  • In the Dominican Republic, where it is locally called chinola, it is used to make juice and Fruit Preserves. Passion fruit-flavoured syrup is used on shaved ice, and the fruit is also eaten raw, sprinkled with sugar.

I hope to find recipes to make passion fruits more delightful, on my next blog.



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