More about these passion fruits

Passion fruit is somewhat close to round-shaped fruit that is native to Brazil but are now also grown in Florida, California, Hawaii, New Zealand,  Australia, and some parts of Asia, among others. Its color may also vary from yellow to greenish yellow to red or purple-ish. The fruit contains a yellow, jelly-like pulp full of black edible seeds. It is commonly eaten by itself when ripe but because of its rich flavor and aroma, many have learned to use it in cooking and baking. It definitely just adds perfection to the taste. 

When the fruit is deeply wrinkled, that gives out the sign that it’s ripe and ready to be eaten or prepared. It’s at this stage that the taste becomes sweeter. Some would still add honey or sugar to it because of the natural sour-like taste it has. That is why for cooking or baking purposes, It’s preferable to use the concentrate preparation as it has been balanced out for the purpose. It’s easily available on Amazon, or you could click this link for Passion Gold or Markizza.



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